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Sustainability & Quality

Timber is a versatile and moreover, an environmentally friendly material for woodworking and construction applications. We have implemented a sustainable procurement policy, meaning all our timber is purchased from sustainable sources, from areas where sustainable harvesting is standard practice. 

We are committed to a healthy, sustainable future for wood products and only supply products that meet global standards for the sustainable production of wood products. That way, both you and future generations may continue to enjoy the benefits. You can rely on any timber products you buy from us to be suitable for use in your projects. 


In addition to our sustainable procurement policy, we also take an environmentally conscious approach to waste disposal. We separate waste materials such as wood scraps, steel wire and plastics for recycling. Furthermore, the sawdust generated by our production process is re-used as animal bedding and biomass fuel. Through these initiatives, we contribute to the preservation of our living environment. 

Sustainability Certification


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) is a globally active organisation that promotes responsible forest management. Our FSC® certification supports the preservation of forests worldwide. 

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To be able to provide assurance that our timber originates from sustainably managed forests, it is marked with the internationally recognised PEFC mark. A balance between people, planet & profit is an essential part of this. 

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The STIP mark demonstrates our assurance that we only buy – and sell – responsibly produced timber. This sustainably produced timber meets Dutch national sustainability requirements. 

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Quality/safety certification


We are affiliated with Stichting Keuringsbureau Hout (SKH), allowing us to demonstrate our products’ compliance with applicable quality standards.

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For all our Finger-Jointed Wood and Strength-Sorted Softwood we have obtained CE certification. The CE markings indicates that our Finger-Jointed Wood and Strength-Sorted Softwood meets all EU requirements in terms of safety, health and environmental protection.

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We are KOMO-certified for our finger-jointed timber and wood strength grading. KOMO® is a quality standard for the building industry. Our wood builds confidence. 

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We are registered with the Stichting Markering Houten Verpakkingen (SMHV, foundation for the marking of wooden packaging), authorising us to use the international IPPC mark along with a unique registration number. Our registration number is NL – 221. 

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