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About us

Since 1999

Our team consists of a highly motivated group of people committed to growth and innovation in the woodworking industry. Thanks to continuous investment in training and the best possible equipment, we can provide you with the service and products you deserve. Our wood builds confidence.

We import certified, high-quality softwood of German, Scandinavian and Baltic origin. Our factory processes this timber into semi-finished products for the woodworking industry. We can provide custom solutions to fit your needs and make your job easier. Whether it concerns our machining, dimensions, inventory management or deliveries; we work for and together with you. We work for you, offering honest advice with a smile. That’s what partnership is all about, after all.

We are Mega-proud

Proper equipment makes all the difference, as our modern factory demonstrates. Our ultra-modern machines include finger jointing lines, planing lines and APS crosscut saws. These all ensure that you benefit from the best and fastest machining of your softwood products. 

We aren’t just proud of our equipment and capable team, we are equally proud of our long-standing partnerships in prefab, trade and the packaging industry. Looking for a partner with whom to grow together? You’ve come to the right place. We offer Mega-great softwood for a fair price and a partnership you can count on. 

Personal interaction is important to us. One of our three account managers is happy to come by, answer your questions and explore the options with you. Based on this meeting, we will create a quote you can hardly refuse. Time to start building!


Megahout was founded in 1999 by Jan Sijbesma, a born entrepreneur. His aim was to supply the woodworking industry with the best possible timber solutions by striking a perfect balance between humans and machines. That drive remains an intrinsic part of Megahout’s DNA. 

We now have access to a quarter century of knowledge and experience. We are happy to share that knowledge with you, as making progress together is our goal. By embracing innovation and responding to our partners’ needs, our company continues to show above-average growth. In 2010, this led to the construction of a modern woodworking and logistics centre in Drachten. This offers us easy access to all aspects of our operations, allowing us to meet your needs both quickly and efficiently. 

In the course of 2022, we will expand our facilities by another 5,500 m2. This will enable us to further optimise operations.