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Are you involved in the prefab industry? In that case, you are well aware of the desirability of avoiding unforeseen events insofar possible. After all, such events impact your planning and the final results of your finished projects. Thanks to years of collaboration with the prefab industry, we are familiar with the relevant issues and will ensure that your required softwood is supplied trouble-free. 

We know the importance of consistent quality, delivery reliability, flexibility and customisation and have taken this into account. 

Thanks to our extensive production systems, we offer plenty of customisation options. Our modern equipment is capable of a range of machining operations. Possibilities include finger-jointing, planing, cross-cutting or a combination of these operations. 


We support your inventory optimisation through prompt deliveries of timber of the desired quality. We supply you with timber products of the correct size and on time to ensure a smooth modular construction process. If desired, we can provide your components with labels or stickers so you can start assembly immediately.

With modern premises spanning 14,000 square metres, we will use our storage space to your benefit. Timber products rest here under ideal storage conditions, awaiting your order. Besides storage facilities, we can also handle your entire process for you from order to delivery for a full-service timber product experience! Contact us to discuss the possibilities


Naturally, all our timber products are provided with appropriate certification, as we are committed to a healthy, sustainable future for wood products.