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Finger joints

Finger joints

Our company leads the way in finger-jointing capabilities in the Netherlands. In 2020 we invested in a new WEINIG finger jointer, increasing our production capacity significantly. We are currently the Netherlands’ largest manufacturer of finger-jointed timber with KOMO certification for load-bearing constructions, and we are Mega-proud of this fact. 

Capacity of 55,000m3 per year

With a maximum length of 1,000cm

Finger-jointed timber is an ideal solution when our standard sizes are not long enough for your desired application. Finger-jointed timber is most popular with our partners in the prefab industry, where dimensional accuracy, a high load-bearing capacity and precise end-grain machining are all essential. Our finger-jointed timber is absolutely straight, extremely strong and of very high quality. 

Want to speed up your own production process, while also supplying a quality end product? You’ve come to the right place. With finger joints, failure rates are low and there is an enormous variety of different lengths available to you. That way, you are always assured of the timber you need in a suitable length. 

We can produce timber in sizes from 22×100 mm to 75×275 mm and up to 10 metres in length. These sizes can be supplied in any desired quantity. After the finger-jointing process, the surfaces are planed all round (PAR). Of course, the timber can also be shortened to your specifications.


We supply finger-jointed timber to the Dutch prefab industry with KOMO and CE certification for load-bearing constructions with strength class C24, because our wood builds confidence.