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Our partners

Excellent collaboration between Megahout and our partners has played an important role in our continuing growth and success. At Megahout, we are very appreciative of our partners, who have joined forces with us to create new opportunities.

We are privileged to consider the following companies our partners:

LAND Transport can rely on nearly a century of experience, and you can rest assured that your cargo is in good hands with us. Whatever goods you need transported; long, wide, heavy, fragile or temperature-controlled: we’ll take care of it. Our experienced drivers know their job. They are thorough, treat your cargo with care and make sure everything arrives on time.

Plospan specialises in the sustainable processing of wood fibre and shavings into comfortable, quality animal bedding and the production of wood pellets as bio-fuel for heating and as a renewable energy source. While others may see them as residual products, to Plospan, these are the raw materials for ‘new’, premium products.

For many years, STILL has been a reputable source of forklift trucks, warehouse trucks and tow tractors and the latest intra-logistics systems.

STILL offers the highest quality, dependability and innovative technology to meet the needs of small, medium-sized and large enterprises, now and in the future.

De Groot Bewerkingsmachines specialise in equipment for the machining of solid wood, panels, plastics, composite materials and foam. We supply new and used machining equipment, parts and comprehensive service. We have experts in every type of machine and industry, who will use their extensive experience to help you make the right choice

H&M Houtbewerkingsmachines is a dynamic company and has been active in the woodworking industry since 1985. H&M fulfil all your woodworking equipment needs, from a single standard machine to fitting out your entire workshop.

Whether you’re looking for new or used machinery, maintenance or certification, we do it all. Since 1994, we have also produced our own comprehensive range of cross-cutting and machining equipment for the woodworking industry. Our customers include carpenters, timber frame companies, window and door manufacturers, timber merchants and the furniture industry.